We are now on our second run starting on Tuesday 8th October 7pm (a later start may be possible) . If you can’t make this first one or some of the others its still open for you to come – you can watch the videos at home for yourself and bring any questions the following week. Come and explore with us – the worst that can happen is that you have a tasty meal, enjoy discussing important themes of life, and leave having made some new friends, and with a clearer understanding of what Christians believe.

Alpha is a course in 15 sessions. over 12 weeks – 3 sessions are done as an away day ( a saturday- and its really well done). You can learn see more and see a video of a sesssion if you go to official Alpha site . Keep scrolling down that page and you not only get a preview but also a video of a former participant who took things futher.

St Hilda’s first round was much enjoyed, and ended with quite a party atmosphere. A few months later with 2 of the participants were confirmed, and participants who were nto came ont eh day to support them. C

If you would like to come please email