September 2020 ‘March for Men’

Thankyou for helping us raise over £3000 for Prostate Cancer UK 

 September  2020  ‘March For Men’

Downward to the Austin Spring

Our walk was dedicated to three very special former members of  St Hilda’s:
Mr Terry Downs;  Mr Roy Strand; Mr Gavin Stamp,  RIP
And to  friends and family members who  have undergone treatment for  prostate  issues and who live with those issues on a daily basis.

Mr Andrew Tait   completed  the  11000 steps per day  31 day  challenge.
 All St Hilda’s Men and friends made a  the  Socially-Straggled  Otford- Shoreham circular walk on 27th.

Monday 28th News: 15 of us achieved the walk  – see  comment and photos below

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Prostate Cancer :One in eight men in the UK will get prostate cancer. Age, ethnicity and family history are also factors.  Until recently it  has been poorly researched and provided for by comparison with breast cancer.  It’s rather sad to note the tag line of Prostate Cancer Uk  is  ‘men are worth saving’.  But things have improved steadily.
Prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome  – another group of  poorly understood and difficult conditions  supported by Prostate UK:   they  destroy the comfort and  happiness of men old and young.   Men suffer  years in silence and often receive  misaligned  healthcare for this debilitating disease.  We have been  particularly behind  in the UK…. but again things have improved.  

Take a look at the work of prostate Cancer UK  –  someone you love might need their support at some time in their life

Walk Complete:  got lost 3 times;  3 got separated – still Missing in Action somewhere near Magpie bottom

15 of us completed the Otford Circular and  5  walked the  Shoreham Otford Path

It’s great walk with  some very  nice views – if you remember to stop and look back – a secret valley hidden behind eh Downs – and  a spectacular view of the Thames basin  in the middle of the walk with  the city  right w round to the QEII bridge  in silhouette  on the horizon.

On the  Long Route our  youngest walkers  were 12, 13 and 15 and the oldest  73. Former members  drove up form Gillingham to join us. A  team of 2 from St Saviours  Church came to support us including  Parish Priest Father David.

We will up-date as we get the donations in.