Congregation in Church Hall for African theme Evening

Congregation in Church Hall for African theme Evening

Saint Hilda’s is the Church of England  Parish Church of  Crofton Park (north).  As a diverse congregation we are  reaching out to the future  representing the world as it becomes a global community. In many we ways we are just a normal parish  church welcoming people who want to discover and  grow in God’s Love; We have people from all kinds of  backgrounds and experinces of life:  it’s safe to come to St Hilda’s whatever you vote,   if you are married/ in a civil partnership  or if you are single, whatever your sexulity,   if you are old or young or in the middle,  if you are an experienced Christian,  or  not sure what its all about but want to find out more. We don’t expect everyone to understand  each other – that’s part of our journey of growth  together  – we just ask everyone to be more glad that others are worshipping and to stand alongside each other  with humilty before God’s altar.

  • We offer worship and ministry as a  Church of England parish church
  • We run ‘Crofton Park Community Link’ which hires rooms to  enable local activities and services.
  • We run ‘Impact’ a free magazine – our reponse to all in our parish regardless of faith or background.
  • Learn more about us by clicking  the other tabs at the top of the page. For other activities  on our site for Adults and Children – see the ‘Local Activites’ tab.

Our  Worship and Teaching is  within the ‘Catholic Tradition’ (often called ‘high church’) , and we seek to  preserve the liberal hearted intelligent attitude redolent of  the national church at its best.  There is a wealth of christian tradion and fellowship and potential  on offer for those who want to worship serve and grow with us

  • We try to meet people where they are, and  we hope  people can find at St Hilda’s  a safe place  to open up their souls without having to  leave  their brains outside the door.  We invite people not only to worship,  but as amark of  growth to enjoy the challenge of participating in a Christian community attempting to offer service in its community. We attempt to  play our part alongside others of good will in who live or serve our area.
  • Worship is ceremonial  and colourful:  each ceremony has a deep significance and is an  offering of worship to God –  outward signs  and ceremonies  proclaim our beleif  that Jesus is  the Son of God who lived to set us free, and that through him  God’s Holy Spirit  empowers us to live to the highest we can. we Bring to worship all aspects of the creation over which God has made us the stewards and guardians on  Earth
  • We celebrate our beliefs  in the offering of the Eucharist  Sunday by Sunday where  we lift Christ  up as  Our Lord and Saviour  and know he  is lifting us up  and revealing his living and real  presence  in the gifts of the Altar .
  • We are tradtional  in  style  to  reflect the beauty of  eternal truths; We believe in the  Mystery of God’s Grace in Christ,  his Church and the Sacraments of Salvation; we attempt to  express these  within  a modern perspective.
  •  No one need fear attending because of  age,  gender  marital status,  sexuality, race, or political persuasion,   but we do ask every one to be  happy to sit next to people who are different, and to  be joyful in being together in church before all else.
  •  We believe the bible contains ‘ all that is necessary to salvation’  –  we love  scripture,  and repect every word- however we dont  believe everthing  is rightly taken literally or applied thoughtlessly or prescriptively, we belive that  reflection based on reason, human experience, and sceintific discovery,  can change our understanding of parts of the bible- this is the work of the Spirit in God’s people
  •  We believe in the Tradition of  the Church.  God is seeking to guide us by  unfolding the deep meaning of his Word in every age.  Tradition  dialogues with modern descoveries, science and Human expeience. It is our  task to find how God is expressing his eternal truth in every age anew  and  as we experience our lives  in conversation with  worship and teaching and our own thougths and prayers.

St Hilda’s Mission is –

To be a Sign of God’s Presence   in the Community

by committing ourselves  to

Worship  God with awe and love, lifting up Christ in the Eucharist to place him at  the heart of our lives.
Serve    each other and  the wider  community  by responding powerfully to the opportunities and challenges  God is offering us.
Grow   in relationship with God, so his  Wisdom guides  our lives  and  we learn to call  others to the joy of worship and service in his church.

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