BAPTISMS  (aka Christenings)

We welcome people who want to have their baby or child Baptised

Baptism of a Baby at St Hilda’s. If you dont live in our parish we can guide you to  your own parish church or it may be you have chosen  to  worship with us here.

How do I arrange a Baptism?
We usually hold those services at  on a Sunday monthly, by arrangement.  You will need to contact Father Stuart ( aka Fr Bates) to talk about the preparation  for this wonderful  service, and you will need to fill out a simple form, giving details of your child’s name(s), the parents and the godparents etc.

Baptism is the beginning of a person’s lifelong journey with God.  When a young child is baptised, the Parents and Godparents say the vows on behalf of the child, and also for themselves.  There are questions they answer to say that they are willing to bring the child up as a member of the church, and also about the Christian faith.  It is important that the answers they give to these questions are about their own faith, as well as the faith they are hoping for the child.

How much does it cost?  There is no cost for the service- God’s grace is freely given  – but for soming we realise is  beyond value   we  would naturally  respond with  thanks tangibly  to   bless and finance our  church as  part of our christian commitment.  Making the promises recomits us all to  provide for the running of the church. A generous family  donation shows  that teh Grace of God has been  relaly taken to heart , and this is the first evidence of us taking our childrens baptsim into our hearts  seriously.

You will find further information  about the Service and  meaning of Baptism on this chruch of England site … here