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There are many historic documents and registers still able to be viewed

The Registers we hold on site at St Hilda’s include 
Baptism register – from 1973  current
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Banns –  

Older registers and  many other documents for St Hilda’s and also  for former St Cyprians church are held at Lewisham archive  please consult them  about  availability 

The list is as follows   

FONDS: A01/8 ST HILDA’S CHURCH, CROFTON PARK 1900 – 1994 109 documents Church of England, St Hilda’s Parish, Crofton Park The following items were received from Father Stuart Bates Acquired by: deposit Access: open Date of accession: 13 July 2001 Listed: AJW 8/01 Accession numbers: A01/8/1-60, /2/1, /3/1-17, /4/1, /5/1-17, /6/1-4, /7/1-3 The parish of St Hilda, Crofton Park was constituted in October 1900, though services had been taking place in a temporary building since the previous May. The site for the church (on the corner of Brockley Road and Courtrai Road) had been purchased in 1898. The permanent church was consecrated in June 1908. The parish was united with that of St Cyprian (q.v.) in 1960. Records of Incumbent, Churchwardens, PCC, Sunday School, Parsonage house and fundraising

SERIES: A01/8/1 Incumbent

SUB-SERIES: Parish registers
FILE: A01/8/1/1 Register of baptisms 1900-1911
FILE: A01/8/1/2 Register of baptisms 1911-1928
FILE: A01/8/1/3 Register of baptisms 1928-1946
FILE: A01/8/1/4 Register of baptisms 1946-1962
FILE: A01/8/1/5 Register of baptisms 1962-1973
FILE: A01/8/1/6 Register of marriages 1901-1911
FILE: A01/8/1/7 Register of marriages 1912-1919
FILE: A01/8/1/8 Register of marriages 1919-1925
FILE: A01/8/1/9 Register of marriages 1925-1938
FILE: A01/8/1/10 Register of marriages 1938-1947
FILE: A01/8/1/11 Register of marriages 1947-1959
FILE: A01/8/1/12 Register of marriages 1959-1966
FILE: A01/8/1/13 Register of marriages 1966-1974
FILE: A01/8/1/14 Register of marriages 1974-1994
FILE: A01/8/1/15 Register of confirmations 1927-1948
FILE: A01/8/1/16 Register of banns of marriage 1901-1910
FILE: A01/8/1/17 Register of banns of marriage 1910-1916
FILE: A01/8/1/18 Register of banns of marriage 1917-1922
FILE: A01/8/1/19 Register of banns of marriage 1923-1928
FILE: A01/8/1/20 Register of banns of marriage 1928-1934
FILE: A01/8/1/21 Register of banns of marriage 1934-1938
FILE: A01/8/1/22 Register of banns of marriage 1938-1939
FILE: A01/8/1/23 Register of banns of marriage 1939-1946
FILE: A01/8/1/24 Register of banns of marriage 1946-1954
FILE: A01/8/1/25 Register of banns of marriage 1954-1958
FILE: A01/8/1/26 Register of banns of marriage 1958-1961
FILE: A01/8/1/27 Register of banns of marriage 1961-1964
FILE: A01/8/1/28 Register of banns of marriage 1964-1967
FILE: A01/8/1/29 Register of banns of marriage 1967-1969
FILE: A01/8/1/30 Register of banns of marriage 1969-1978
FILE: A01/8/1/31 Register of banns of marriage 1984-1991

SUB-SERIES: Services
FILE: A01/8/1/32 Register of services 1900-1908
FILE: A01/8/1/33 Register of services 1908-1932 Includes an account of the consecration on 3 June 1908, and a terrier of church property (fixtures, plate etc.)
FILE: A01/8/1/34 Register of services 1933-1937
FILE: A01/8/1/35 Register of services 1938-1944
FILE: A01/8/1/36 Register of services 1944-1947
FILE: A01/8/1/37 Register of services 1947-1950
FILE: A01/8/1/38 Register of services 1950-1951
FILE: A01/8/1/39 Register of services 1951-1953
FILE: A01/8/1/40 Register of services 1953-1954
FILE: A01/8/1/41 Register of services 1954-1955
FILE: A01/8/1/42 Register of services 1955-1956
FILE: A01/8/1/43 Register of services 1956-1959
FILE: A01/8/1/44 Register of services 1959-1962
FILE: A01/8/1/45 Register of services 1962-1964
FILE: A01/8/1/46 Register of services 1965-1969
FILE: A01/8/1/47 Register of services 1969-1974
FILE: A01/8/1/48 Register of services 1974-1979
FILE: A01/8/1/49 Register of services 1979-1986
FILE: A01/8/1/50 Register of services 1986-1998
FILE: A01/8/1/51 Order of service, consecration of the church (with notes on the architecture) 1908
FILE: A01/8/1/52 Order of service, Golden Jubilee of the consecration 1958

FILE: A01/8/1/53 Notebook “Intercessions” – objects of prayer for each Sunday 1949-1953
FILE: A01/8/1/54 Notebook “Biddings” – objects of prayer for each Sunday 1953-1957
FILE: A01/8/1/55 Notebook – objects of prayer for each Sunday 1957-1959
FILE: A01/8/1/56 Notebook – objects of prayer for each Sunday 1959-1962
FILE: A01/8/1/57 Notebook – Church notices 1959-1962
FILE: A01/8/1/58 Notebook giving addresses of church personnel, list of streets in the parish and other information (?for succeeding incumbent) 1935-1937
FILE: A01/8/1/59 Marriage licence Wilcox-Avery 1948
FILE: A01/8/1/60 News cutting reporting a sermon at St Hilda’s by the Bishop of Southwark condemning Enoch Powell’s call for the repatriation of immigrants [22 April 1968]

SERIES: A01/8/2 Churchwardens
FILE: A01/8/2/1 Churchwardens accounts 1915 Were inserted in A01/3/5

SERIES: A01/8/3 Parochial Church Council
FILE: A01/8/3/1 Minutes of the Easter Vestry 1901-1967 Annual receipt and expenditure accounts 1901-8, 1910-1912 and 1914-1918 pasted in
FILE: A01/8/3/2 Annual receipt and expenditure accounts for 1927 1927 Was loose in A01/3/1
FILE: A01/8/3/3 Minutes of the Annual Parochial Meeting 1920-1955 Annual receipt and expenditure accounts 1919-1921 pasted in
FILE: A01/8/3/4 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1900-1904 Acting Parish Council to 1901
FILE: A01/8/3/5 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1904-1915
FILE: A01/8/3/6 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1915-1931
FILE: A01/8/3/7 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1931-1949
FILE: A01/8/3/8 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1949-1954
FILE: A01/8/3/9 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1954-1964
FILE: A01/8/3/10 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1964-1980
FILE: A01/8/3/11 Minutes of the P.C.C. 1986-1994 At back, Standing Committee minutes August 1987
FILE: A01/8/3/12 Annual receipt and payment accounts 1961
FILE: A01/8/3/13 Correspondence concerning the parish’s wish for a female Parish Worker to be allowed to administer the Chalice 1964-1965
FILE: A01/8/3/14 Electoral roll 1972
FILE: A01/8/3/15 Electoral roll 1973
FILE: A01/8/3/16 Accounts of the executors of C H Budd (bequest to P.C.C,) 1961-1962
FILE: A01/8/3/17 Notice of revised dilapidations assessment 1969

SERIES: A01/8/4 Sunday School
FILE: A01/8/4/1 Minutes of the Quarterly Business Meetings 1951-1960

SERIES: A01/8/5 Church Fabric
FILE: A01/8/5/1 Minutes of the General Committee for the building of the permanent church. 1903-1910 At back, lists of committee members
FILE: A01/8/5/2 Volume of accounts, Permanent Church Building Fund 1903-1911
FILE: A01/8/5/3 Specification for organ 1911
FILE: A01/8/5/4 Permanent Church Building Fund, final statement of accounts Was loose in A01/5/2
FILE: A01/8/5/5 Music and dancing license for church hall 1956
FILE: A01/8/5/6 Terrier and inventory 1976-1997
FILE: A01/8/5/7 Printing block showing interior of church n.d
FILE: A01/8/5/17 Faculty for Organ 1978

SUB-SERIES: Faculties 5/8-5/16 from envelope labelled “Old faculties recovered damaged after theft of deed box”
FILE: A01/8/5/8 Faculty for Holy table (Lady Chapel) 1920
FILE: A01/8/5/9 Faculty for Sanctuary lamp 1924
FILE: A01/8/5/10 Faculty for Candlesticks in sanctuary 1925
FILE: A01/8/5/11 Faculty for Antique bishop’s chair in sanctuary 1932
FILE: A01/8/5/12 Faculty for Aumbry and hanging lamp 1944
FILE: A01/8/5/13 Faculty for Memorial tablet to five members of Brockley Home Guard 1948
FILE: A01/8/5/14 Faculty for Additional sanctuary lamps 1948
FILE: A01/8/5/15 Faculty for Children’s Corner 1952
FILE: A01/8/5/16 Faculty for Amplifying system 1962

SERIES: A01/8/6 Parsonage house and curate’s accommodation
FILE: A01/8/6/1 Papers concerning lease of 201 Brockley Rise as accommodation for the curate [the curate’s house, 82 Ewhurst Road, had been bombed] 1947-1948
FILE: A01/8/6/2 Mortgage of benefice income for a loan for improvements to the parsonage house 1965
FILE: A01/8/6/3 Fire insurance supplementary policy for the vicarage 1967
FILE: A01/8/6/4 Tenancy agreement for the Rev. J Caldicott to occupy 82 Ewhurst Road while it is not required for a curate 1974

SERIES: A01/8/7 Fundraising and charities
FILE: A01/8/7/1 “Souvenir 1900-1910”: Album of favourite quotations, mainly chosen by local people 1910
FILE: A01/8/7/2 Souvenir programme for Grand Bazaar 1912
FILE: A01/8/7/3 Photographs of and appeal for St Michael’s School, Swaziland c.1967