Local Activities

See the  timetable below  for both Adults‘, and Children’s Activities,  and use links to find out more.

There are many activities on site over the whole week. Through the Crofton Park Community Link (CPCL) we foster and support small service providers and community groups.   Groups  pay  community rate  rents and  the small surplus  goes towards  building repairs,  including our Warm Roof Fund’s £480K target.

*** Unless stated otherwise, these are not drop in classes and most classes are not held every week. Always contact the leader/organiser to enrol before attending.  ***

Sam Teaching Baby Masssage

Sam Teaching Baby Masssage

Leila Teaching Creative Dance

Leila Teaching Creative Dance

ACTIVITIES FOR ADULTS Follow this link for children’s activities

H = Hall (in Courtrai Rd).
U = Undercroft Suite (entrance at base of tower corner of Brockley Road / Courtrai Rd)
P= Parish room  – (pathway between church and church hall from Courtrai Road)

Zen Meditation, 7am, U, Anette (020) 8699 4753
Baby Massage (Jelly Babies) , 1:30-2:30pm, U, Laura 07957 195171
Body Control Pilates, 9:15-10.15am, U, Joeli 07736 551159
Zumba (Boots ‘n’ Blisters), 6:30-7:15pm, H,  Emma 07811 690579
Tai-Chi, 7-8pm, U,  Alan 07947 009888
Yoga Flow
, 7.15-8.15pm, U, Andi 07881 963130
Yoga, 8.30-9.30pm, U, Amanda 07985 504216
Body Control Pilates, 7.30-9.30pm, P,  Joeli  07736 551159


Sing & Sign, for babies 9:30-10:30am, U, Rebecca singandsigngreenwichlewisham@gmail.com
, 6:45-7:45pm, U, Luisa 07816 430383
Zen Meditation, 7:30-8:30pm, U, Anette (020) 8699 4753
Yoga Flow, 8-9pm, U, Andi 07881 963130
Kung Fu, 8:30-10pm, H, Cliff 07930 125187
Hatha Yoga 7.30-8.30pm, PSusie 07866 626701

Zumba for Mums and Babies, 11.15-12.15pm, U,  Emma 07956 503904
Pilates, 6:45-7:45pm,  U,  Makiko 07886 703705
Pregnancy Yoga, 7.15-8.15pm, U, Alenka, alenkayoga@gmail.com, 07962 641254 
Ashtanga Yoga , 7.30-8.30pm, P, Alice, Alicebillereyyoga@gmail.com 07809 429549
Hatha Yoga, 8-9pm, U,  Vinod  07948 616404
Yoga flow, 8-9pm, U, Andi, 07881 963130
Table Tennis, 8.15-9.15pm, H, James, (020) 8291 0966

Zen Meditation, 7-8am, U, Anette (020) 8699 4753
Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 6.45-7.45pm, U, Katherine, 07905 133413
Yoga, 6.45-7.45pm, P, Isla, 07825 874854
Ashtanga Yoga , 8-9pm, U, Alice, Alicebillereyyoga@gmail.com 07809 429549
Pilates, 8-9pm, U, Miriam, mimspilates@hotmail.com, 07946 543286
Hula-Fit, 8-9pm, H, Julie, www.thehoopclub.com. 07843 563436

Tai-Chi, 7-8pm, U, Alan 07947 009888

Yoga Flow, 9:30-10:30am, U, Andi 07881 963130


ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN – scroll down to view times. Follow this link for adults’ activities.

Lyn Teaching Drama in the Church Hall

Lyn Teaching Drama in the Church Hall

Pilates at the Undercroft

Pilates at the Undercroft

H = Hall (in Courtrai Rd).
U = Undercroft Suite (entrance at base of tower, corner of Brockley Road / Courtrai Rd)
P = Parish Room (entrance on South side of Church past West End of Church in Courtrai Rd)

Music and Movement (Tippee Toes), 3-3:30pm, U, Kim  07903 618432
Street dance (3-5 yrs)4 .10-4.50pm, U, Danni 07904 424504
Street & break dance (6-9 yrs), 4.55-5.55pm, U, Danni 07904 424504
Scouts, 6-8pm, U, Adam 07543 596260, 3rdcroftonparkscoutgroup.org.uk

Sing & Sign for babies, 10-11am and 11-noon, U, Rebecca, singandsigngreenwichlewisham@gmail.com
Fusion Dance & Drama (3-5yrs), 3:45-4:45pm, U, Lyn 07710 625850
Drama (6-12yrs), 5-6pm, U, Lyn 07710 625850
Scouts & Beavers, 6.15-8.15pm, H, Adam 07543 596260

Zumba for Mums and Babies, 11.15-12.15pm, U, Emma, emmadeeryzumba.com,  07956 503904
Singing (Dancing Ducklings) –  (0-5yrs), 9:30-10:30am, U, Caroline 07946 146971
Musical Theatre (Take Flight), 4-5pm, 5-6.30pm, U, Stevie, 07736 469320
Brownies, 6:15-7:45pm, H, Rachel, phone no tbc. www.girlguiding.org.uk

Singing class (Take Flight Theatre School). 4- 6:30pm,  U, Stevie 07736 469320
Musical theatre for children (Take Flight Theatre School) . 4-6.30pm, U, Stevie 07736 469320
Beaver Scouts,  6.15-7.30pm,  H, Adam 07543 596260

Parents and Toddlers,  10-10.45am, U, Lyn 07710 625850
Toddler Football Training, 5:15-6pm, U, Rimi 07737 984496

Toddler Football Training, 8:15-9:15am, U, Rimi 07737 984496
Drama Class (3-5yrs), 10-11am, H, Lyn 07710 625850
Drama Class (5-7yrs), 11-12pm, H, Lyn 07710 625850
Ballet (2.5-4yrs), 10.50-11.25am, U, Danni 07904 424504
Preparatory Ballet (4-6 yrs), 11.30-12.10pm, U, Danni 07904 424504
Chess Club (5-12 yrs), 1.30-3pm, P, Richard 07939 027048

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