St Hilda’s This Week

Increase and warm welcome of  new members
We have enjoying  new people choosing St Hilda’s, and we have been happy to learn that  they  have felt warmly welcomed and are enjoying  worshipping with us. We hope to  have confirm ands at the Cathedral confirmation in November, and to be starting a new group ready for next year. We may also run our own Alpha course in September.  Are you thinking of renewing your connection to your faith? –  do make contact to see what opportunities we have planned to support you.

9 metre ‘Mobile’ art work:  a pillar of flames over the font
Pentecost mission flames painted by  members over the weeks since Whitsunday have been assembled into a  very attractive  9 meter high mobile. Each flame represents in colour  each person’s commitment to offer their gifts to St Hilda’s to  enable new Christians to be made and  new members  to find a home and an purpose in our congregation

Warm Roof Fund  Local Appeal
Exceeds  25k Target
Our recent sponsored Lewisham 3 Peaks Challenge walkers and their sponsors have  taken us  over  our local  fund raising target of 25k . We are  collecting a check for the Jays Budgen’s fundraising  though the plastic bag charge and hope to have a final  total and close the appeal in August. 

Our thanks to our local donors and to our major grant funders for funds support and encouragement.

Photo right : Our Vicar Father Stuart  with Laura Barnham  who organised the event.

The church is open to visit and  for * quiet reflection  – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10.30 -6pm;   Saturdays  11 – 5pm; Sundays 9-12.30 pm;  and  Wednesdays 3- 6pm: Once the warm roof  and restoration is achieved,  we hope to have  funds to staff the office have even more open hours.

Get to know us better:



 St Hilda’s is the Church of England Parish Church of Crofton Park
We are a welcoming and diverse congregation,  enjoying all kinds of people.

We offer a rich experience of worship and teaching  in the Church of England’s Catholic (High Church) Tradition, and  enjoy playing our part in our area. Our building is feature Grade 2 Arts and Crafts Structure now 108 years old.

‘To call people to the fullness of Christ’
by committing ourselves:
to Worship with awe and love
to Serve with generosity and humility
to Grow by making new disciples

Service Times – follow this link to  Regular Service Times

Prayer Resource for Daily Morning and Evening Prayer

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  1. Barbara-Wales says:

    Thanks for a lovely service last Sunday-very uplifting and gives me
    strength to find good works to do and sort out my family troubles at
    Every blessing,Barbara

  2. Leah Parsons/Clements says:

    Wow, I’ve just stumbled accross this web site on my hunt for a yoga class! I didn’t know it was out in the world! It’s brilliant! Just what we needed! Great work! See you soon!

    Mrs P x

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